Update 6-8-17

Hey folks!


First, a bit of good news. I have authorization from work to be getting donations and I’ve been accepted as a Twitch affiliate. This little bit of paperwork took a while and I halted a bit of my my development while we were in the process. Now I’m free and clear to develop stuff, get donations or ad revenue from it, and turn that money back into improving the quality of the site & videos.


Next in the good news department is I am moving! The new home will give the family & I much more space. There will be a gap in streaming when the official move happens and we wait for the internet to get setup, but we should have a good setup for streams and videos. You may even see my real face more since there’s less risk the kids will wander infront of the camera. This also means I can take on a few creative projects as well.


Last in the good news department is that Anthrocon is at the end of the month! I will be headed down toward the end of the month, site seeing Pennsylvania, and arriving in Pittsburgh at the end of the week. I won’t be streaming, but I will try and use some time to spruce up the site, give more writing, maybe a guide or two as well.


Now, for ESO, we now have Morrowind released and I really loved the storis involved. I’ve completed our play through and have most of it rough cut. During vacation I will try to edit it into a long run series, taking our the breaks and just showing my video diary as we explored the island.


I have started up a stamina warden and will be taking them through story and quests along with PVE during stream. “Herfi Brigid Fitch” as I’ve named them, I will try to voice act with fierce retorts and a horrible valley girl accent. If you don’t get why, swap the first letters on the last two names. This should be fun, but don’t take it too seriously, I’m trying to work on mashing up impersonations.


Finally, as I mentioned before, updates are coming to the site! I’ve been releasing weekly videos with tips, and plan to continue for quite a while. I will try to also get up more builds now that the meta has settled down. I will work most like this: builds I use, recommend builds, theory crafted builds, and then deep dive builds. Most of the builds will lead to the usep build calculator, while the deep dive ones I’ll give more comments and maybe a video explaining how it’s used. Hopefully this mix will let you, the consumers, get faster information paired with higher quality.


Anyhow, that’s it for now folks. Catch me on Twitter or discord for more chat!


  1. Rob Jennings

    So happy that all these wonderful things are happening in your life! I wish you nothing but the best 🙂

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