Not dead yet! Just sort of in update limbo

Yes I am still planning updating builds to the site, problem is I’m waiting on other resources like to update their databases so I can update builds as well. I may release some out there despite improper numbers, but hoping to continue to update other stuff.


Meanwhile I’m keeping somewhat up to date with our weekly ESO tip videos, which I feel give better information than prior guises I made. Only issue is getting feedback on what folks need more clarification or information on. When we have a good queue of 20+ I think I can push to advertise it more.


In other stream news we finished Prey and got more into PUBG. I could put a guide out for PUBG, but I’m beyond the casual player so I’m not sure how many would enjoy that.


Anyhow, that’s just a small update. Also the dom as in has been updated for another 2 years, so expect more.