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Level up Guide for ESO

There are several options to level up in Elder Scrolls Online, but the “best” way is always a way you. If you want story, quest, if you can stand grinding, then grind!

What to Level

There might be a few things you want to level

Character Level – The first thing anyone wants to level inside ESO is their character. Once you hit 50 you can’t join under 50 PVP campaigns and you don’t get stat scaling. It’s important to get extra skill points before 50 to fill out your passives and active skills.

Champion points – Once your Character hits 50 you start earning Champion points. You share these across all characters. Any level character can use these, but only 50+ can earn them. You gain enlightenment while offline, which is a bonus pool of CP gain. Alternate between your characters to use up the 12 days of enlightenment you can store.

Skills & Skill bars – Skills and skill trees level like your characters, and are as important. To level something up from a class put it on your action bar. The more skills you slot, the faster the entire line levels. Weapon skills level up having a weapon equipped when gaining experience. Armor skills by wearing a piece of heavy, medium, or light armor and can level at the same time. Each skill has four levels until you morph them. The morph will add function or duration to each skill. Each morph can then can level four more times improving its damage, duration, or reducing cost. Keep in mind that you will only get experience on what’s on your active bar, your back bar doesn’t share exp.

Tip: alternate skills & armor as you progress to ensure everything is equal.

Vampire/Werewolf – Vampire will level up by gaining xp as a vampire. Werewolf levels only when you are in werewolf worm and kill enemies. If you want to have these skill lines completed at level 50 it’s important to get them early. Ask people for a bite to turn you or wait for rare mobs in the third zone of each faction to spawn to infect you.


Before you begin grinding there are several things you can do to help boost experience.


Experience Scrolls + Psijic Ambrosia – Boost all sources of experience . Two hour 50% Experience scrolls can purchased from the crown store or come from level up rewards. Psijic Ambrosia is an expensive crafted drink but only last 30 minutes. Aetherial (100% ) and Mythic Aetherial (150%) Ambrosia are Psijic upgrades and also craft-able. These need special very rare and expensive recipes and ingredients. You can buy them with writ vouchers or get them from extreme rare drops from mobs and resource nodes. 

Experience scrolls can also come in 100% and 150% varieties from crown crates. These scrolls highest value may be from the crown crate gems they are worth. These methods can not stack with one another. Only one experience boost item per customer!

Tip: These boost items DO STACK with event experience boosts though, so keep that in mind.

Double Experience Events – During the year events happen with Experience boosters. These events include:

  • Jester’s Festival Quarter 1
  • Midyear Mayhem: Quarter 2
  • Witch’s Festival: Quarter 3
  • New Life Festival: Quarter 4

ESO Plus – ESO Plus members receive 10% more experience.


Training Gear – Many ways to get this gear. It’s crafted, found, purchased, traded or stolen. This gear boosts experience for killing mobs and not other source. EXP gained through other means like exploration or crafting is out.

Gear sets boost your stats within 4 levels of your character and each quality of armor changes the % boost. Armor Quality will increase experience by:

  • White: 6% for equipment, 2.5% for 1 hand , 5% for 2 hand
  • Green: 7% for equipment, 3% for 1 hand , 6% for 2 hand
  • Blue (63% Total) : 8% for equipment, 3.5% for 1 hand, 7% for 2 hand
  • Purple (71% Total) : 9% for equipment, 4% for 1 hand, 8% for 2 hand
  • Gold (79% Total) : 10% for equipment, 4.5% for 1 hand, 9% for 2 hand

Finding training gear – Armor set: “of the Trainee” Get this set by opening chests and doing quests in the starter zones for each alliance. Bal Foyen, Betnikh, Bleakrock Isle, Khenarthi’s Roost, and Stros M’Kai. The “training” trait does drop on other sets, but all Trainee gear come in the training trait.
•Mages guild magus sell Staves
•Fighters Guilds Arms-man sell weapons, shields and staves

Crafted training gear –  You can research the trait and make a full set for yourself if you have the materials. You can hire someone in one of your guilds to make a set. You can also buy it off traders.

Tip: Want to level while keeping your budget down? Get a set of trainee gear from starter zones to wear and then research the trait to craft. Buy weapons you don’t have from the armsman at the fighters guild.

Rings of Mara – Marry someone you will get a 10% experience buff when around that character. You can have 2 rings on with two players around you at the same time for a 20% boost.


Partying – Partying increases experience gains by 10%, but will split the experience gains. You get the boost on quests and events without sharing.


Proper preparation nets ~150% (2.5x Experience gain) before big events occur. Spend a lot gold and take the time to prepare you can get a 270% experience bump on top of the 100% from a EXP event. Combined with the right method this could net you a level 50 character in a few hours on a weekend.


There are a few methods you can use to Level up, but here is a brief legend to understand the difference


(FFF) to (F) – Speed (Fast to Slow)
(EEE) to (E) – Effort (High to Little)
(GGG) to (G) – Gear (End game to None)
($$$) to ($) – Gold (Expensive to Free)
(SP+) – Added Skill point gains

Master Crafting Writs (FFF)($$$)(E)(G)
This is one of the fastest, most expensive, and lowest effort ways to level a character. You will need: Max level with all perks crafter in Alchemy, Enchanting, or Provisioning. Must have perks: Solvent Proficiency (Alchemy), Potency Improvement (Enchantment), Recipe Improvement (Provisioning).

How to execute:

  1. Buy master writs from guild traders. 
  2. Buy ingredients from guild traders.
  3. Consume and make as many master writs as you can afford.
  4. Wait for a double exp event and buy 270% EXP boost.
  5. Mass turn in the writs you create.

This method will net you a level 50 character in a few hours, but will also cost you around 4-5 million gold.

Craglorn: Skyreach Catacombs (FFF) (GGG) ($$$-$)(EE) – Skyreach Catabombs is an instanced delve in northern craglorn you can reset as long as you’re in a group of 2 or more.

You will need:
– A High level character with large AOE killing capabilities.
– Low level character willing to die

How to execute:

  1. High level character groups with low level.
  2. Go into instance.
  3. Kill everything on the first floor
  4. Reset instance and repeat.

It’s a fast grind but does need adequate gear to be able to survive and do damage. The cost can range depending on who you get to run it with you, but is around 10k per level on average.

Tip: This is best if you join a guild and get people to help you. It can be as expensive as 50k per level.

Craglorn: SpellScar (FFF) (GGG) (EEE)($)– Spellscar is an over world area in southern Craglorn that has a tone of mobs around it.

You will need:
– AOE build
– Decent survivability

How to Execute:

  1. Go to spellscar in craglorn.
  2. Aggro as many mobs as you can kill. 
  3. Repeat until you are at the level you want.

It’s fast and solo-able, but requires good gear and knowledge how to AOE farm, as you’ll be doing it solo. Costs are low except to buy or make gear. AOE farm areas dot the landscape throughout Tamriel and Cold Harbor. Some of the more popular ones are:

  • Sentinel docks + Tu’whacca’s Throne in Alik’r Desert.
  • Cliffs of Failure + Full Flagon in ColdHarbour
  • Wayrest Docks
  • Haven Tigers in Rift

Tip: At common farm spots you may need to share, group up, or find new spots; which is an annoyance with this method.

Alik’r Desert or Auridon Dolmens (FF) (G) ($)(E) Dolmen farming is a fast way to level that requires little gold, gear, or effort to do so.

You will need: 
– A port to the zone of your choice. 
– The ability to grind dolmens for a day.

How to execute

  1. Visit an active dolmen in the zone.
  2. Kill a mob to get xp.
  3. Finish the dolmen.
  4. Travel to the 2nd and 3rd dolmen and repeat.
  5. Revisit the first dolmen.

When the third Dolmen finishes the first will restart. There are groups in these zones quite often running dolmens. It is the easiest to join these groups and follow them. The down side is in a large group you must still get xp credit by doing enough damage. Tanks and healers will need to slot damaging abilities in this situation.

Tip: The easiest way to grind and doesn’t need much gear. You can get training gear to boost experience from kills or improve gear as you farm but it’s not required. You can do this while watching a show or your favorite streamer as well

Main Quest, Fighters Guild Quest, & Mage’s Guild Quest (FF) (GG) (EE) ($) (SP+) Guild quests give the most experience, levels up soul magic (main quest), and gives skill points. Certain stages need alliance story quests to be complete to proceed, though.

Tip: At least join the guilds for their skill lines. The quests can help break up some of the tedium of grinding if you haven’t tried them yet.

Daily Dungeons (FF) (GG) (EE) ($) (SP+) Once a day, doing a daily random dungeon will give you a lot of experience to help you level up. After the first time daily you’ll get a smaller bonus for doing a random dungeon.

You will need:
A character over level 10.
Join the undaunted.

How to execute:

  1. Hit the party menu key
  2. select “random dungeon”
  3. Wait for the queue to send you into the dungeon.
  4. Finish the dungeon.

If you do these while under level 46 these dungeons will only be the base level dungeons. Once you hit 46 you can couple these quests with daily pledges for keys and extra experience.

Tip: DPS often takes the longest to queue, so gear yourself up to be a healer or a tank if you want shorter wait times.

Daily Battlegrounds (EEE) (GGG) (FF-F) ($) (SP+) – Once a day, like the Daily Dungeon, you will get daily bonus rewards for running a random battle ground.

You will need:
– A character over level 10.
– Willingness to pvp.

How to execute:

  1. Hit the party menu key
  2. Select “random battleground”
  3. Wait for the queue to send you into the battleground.
  4. Finish the battleground in the top 2.

Your team will need to get in first or second to get rewards, but you will get the experience even if you lose.

Tip: The experience from a daily battleground is at the end, use Experience Scrolls or  Psijic Ambrosia then.

Skyshard and Lore Book hunting (EE) (G) (F) ($) (SP+)  Skyshard hunting is not a leveling technique but a supplement to your grinding. Run through and collect all the skyshards in each zone. Every 3rd will give you 1 skill point you can put toward abilities and passives. You can use addons like “skyshards”, “Map Pins”, and others to help you on PC. On Console you can google skyshards for a particular zone. While hunting skyshards you can also find lorebooks for the Mage’s Guild. The alternative is paying crowns for each zone’s skyshards after you have collected them. This is only for alts and is quite expensive.

Tip: Do this when you don’t have an experience scroll running and there are no active events or groups going on. It’s also something to do between daily dungeon and battleground runs.

I hope this guide has been informative! Please check out my YouTube Channel & watch me on twitch!