Gear set metas posted and linked in the menu

I’ve updated the site with the meta sets you’ll want to use for PVE in tanking, healing, or DPS. I’ll be working to add in skill meta’s and rotations per class after a bit of debate with others. thanks to Flamage, GMRevelation,Icisia, Kojou, Shockz325, & Yodased for their help so far.

Tank Meta
Healer Meta
Stamina DPS Meta
Magicka DPS Meta

Also if you haven’t seen, I’ve had a few recent posts on the ESO forums and plan to do a few more suggestion posts regarding PVP in the coming weeks.
Should you be able to steal or pickup ruby (CP150-160) items?
What if ESO had a Battle Royale (PUBG) mode

Finally we’re now streaming on YouTube Gaming & on Mixer to accommodate more viewers on other platforms.

Thanks for your time folks!