ESO: PVE Tank Meta

Here are several of the sets high level end game players use for tank Builds. These are used in 12 man trials, 4 man dungeons, and other PVE overworld fights. These are organized in ease to aquire.

Keep in mind everything here listed as guidelines, not rules. Best in Slot (BiS) changes depending on your class, Champion Points, group makeup, rotation, and the current patch. Check back here for changes.

Read more on Tank priorities

This current list is for Summerset


Basic setup & stats


  • Health: 32k (new players), 25k (dual role), 40/50k (vet trials)
  • Resistances: 32k max (subtract any armor boosts)
  • Magicka regen: 1k+
  • Weapons: sword & board (main/off bar), dual wield swords (off bar), restoration staff (off bar), or destruction staff (off bar)
  • Werewolf or Vampire: either
  • Alchemical Poisons: none
  • Fight location: melee range


  1. Argonian
  2. Imperial
  3. Nord


  1. Atronach
  2. Lord


Listed by easy to acquire, not by rating.

Health/Mitigation Armor & Weapon Sets

  1. Orgnum’s Scales (Crafted)
  2. Armor Master (Imperial City DLC Crafted)
  3. Green Pact (Ghratwood WD))
  4. Meridia’s Blessed Armor (Cold Harbor WD)
  5. Plague Doctor (Deshaan WD)
  6. Mark of the Pariah (Orsinium DLC WD)
  7. Ebony armor(Crypt of Hearts DD)
  8. Eternal warrior (Craglorn Trials TD)
  9. Lunar Bastion(Maw of Lorkhaj DLC TD)
  10. Automated Defense (Expansion Halls of Fabrication TD)

WD – World Drop
DD – Dungeon Drop
TD – Trial Drop

Utility Armor & Weapon Sets

  1. Torug’s Pact (Crafted)
  2. Akaviri Dragonguard (Eastmarch WD)
  3. Hide of the Werewolf (Glenumbra WD)
  4. Livewire (Clockwork DLC WD)
  5. Bahraha’s Curse (Thieves Guild DLC WD))
  6. Powerful Assault(Imperial City DLC PVP purchased)
  7. Knight’s-Errant Mail (Black Heart Haven DD)
  8. Leeching Plate(Imperial City Prison DLC DD)
  9. Roar of Alkosh (Maw of Lorkhaj DLC TD)
  10. Aegis of Galanwe (Expansion Cloudrest TD)

WD – World Drop
DD – Dungeon Drop
TD – Trial Drop
♤ – situational, effects cant stack with others or limited skills to grant dodge

Note: Sets are mixed depending on need
General tanking: 2 Utility sets
Harder DLC dungeons/Off tanks: 1 Health/Mitigation & 1 Utility sets
Trials tanks: 2 Health/Mitigation sets

Monster Helm Sets

  1. Blood Spawn (Spindleclutch 2 DD)
  2. Engine Guardian (Darkshade Caverns 2 DD)
  3. Swarm Mother (Spindleclutch 1 DD)
  4. Troll King (Blessed Crucible DD)
  5. Lord warden (Imperial City Prison DLC DD)
  6. Mighty Chudan (Ruins of Mazzatun DLC 2 DD)

** – used for survivability
DD – Dungeon Drop



Weapon & Guild Skills

  1. Assault: Aggressive Warhorn, Caltrops, ♡ Vigor
  2. Dual wield: Blade Cloak
  3. Fighter’s Guild: ♤ Rearming Trap
  4. Heavy Armor: Immovable Brute
  5. Mages Guild: Balance, Inner light, Structured Entropy
  6. One handed & Shield: Absorb Magic, Heroic Slash, ♤ Invasion, Pierce Armor, ♤ Spell Wall
  7. Restoration Staff: ♡ Healing Ward, ♡ Life Giver
  8. Undaunted: Inner Beast, Inner Rage

♤ – situational, may stack with other abilities or be situational
♡ – survivability

Class Skills

  1. Dragon Knight: Choking Talons, Cinder Storm, Magma Shell, Dragon Fire Scale, ♡ Green Dragon Blood, Igneous Shield, Unrelenting Grip, Standard of Might, Volatile Armor
  2. Nightblade: ♤ Ambush/Lotus Fan, Mirage, Bolstering Darkness/Veil of Blades, Leeching Strikes, ♡ Reaping Mark, ♡ Soul Syphon/Soul Tether, ♡ Swallow Soul
  3. Sorcerer: Absorption Field, Bound Aegis, Boundless Storm/Hurrucane, Dark Conversion/Dark Deal, Hardened Ward, ♡ Unstable Clannfear
  4. Templar: ♡ Breath of Life, Empowering Sweep, Extended Ritual, Luminous Shards, ♡ Puncturing Sweep, Repentance, Restoring Focus, ♤ Solar Prison, ♤ Toppling Charge
  5. Warden: Bull Netch, Deceptive Predator, Frozen Device, Healing Thicket, Ice Fortress, Permafrost, ♡ Polar Wind, Shimmering Shield

♤ – situational, may stack with other abilities or be situational
♡ – survivability
◆ – lack the toolkit to perma block, tougher to tank with

Special thanks to Flamage, Forevermad, GMRevelation,Icisia, Kojou, Shockz325, & Yodased for their help answering questions and their insight.

Thanks to the folks at for maintaining the information in the links.

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