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Magicka DPS Meta Update 23

Here are several of the sets high level end game players use for magicka DPS Builds. These are used in 12 man trials, 4 man dungeons, veteran  Maelstrom Arena, and other PVE overworld fights. These are organized in ease to aquire.

Keep in mind everything here listed as guidelines, not rules. Best in Slot (BiS) changes depending on your class, Champion Points, group makeup, rotation, and the current patch. Check back here for changes.

Basic setup & stats

  • Health: 20k (new players) to 15k
  • Magicka recovery: 1k+, unless heavy attack rotation
  • Spell Crit: 50%+
  • Weapons: fire/lightning destruction staff (main/off bar), dual wield swords (off bar), or restoration staff (off bar)
  • Werewolf or Vampire: Vampire
  • Alchemical Poisons: back bar only if not running VMA or master weapons.
  • Expected DPS output: 20k to 30k (target dummy)
  • Fight location: several meters back to 10 meters
  1. Breton
  2. Altmer
  3. Dunmer
  1. Apprentice
  2. ♡ Lord
  3. Lover

♡ – used for survivability

  1. Law of Julianos (Orsinium DLC crafted)
  2. Mechanical Acuity (Clockwork DLC Crafted)
  3. Necropotence (Rivenspire WD)
  4. Silks of the Sun (Stonefalls WD)
  5. Burning SpellWeave  (City of Ash DD)
  6. Netch’s Touch (Darkshade Caverns DD)
  7. Infallible mage (Craglong trials TD)
  8. Moondancer (DLC Maw of Lorkhaj TD)
  9. Mantle of Siroria (Expansion CloudRest TD)
  10. Master Architect (Expansion Halls of Fabrication TD)

WD – World Drop
DD – Dungeon Drop
TD – Trial Drop

Monster Helm Sets
  1. Grothdarr (Vaults of Madness DD)
  2. ♡ Iceheart (Direfrost Keep DD)
  3. Ilambris (Crypt of Hearts 1 DD)
  4. Valkyn Skoria (City of Ash 2 DD)

♡ – used for survivability
DD – Dungeon Drop

Unique Weapon/Jewelry Sets
  1. Willpower (Imperil City DLC WD/Dungeon reward DD)
  2. Asylum Lighting Staff, Asylum Fire Staff (Asylum Arena\ Vet Asylum Arena DLC TD)
  3. VMA Lighting Staff, VMA Fire Staff (Vet Maelstrom Arena DLC TD)

WD – World Drop
DD – Dungeon Drop
TD – Trial Drop

Special thanks to Flamage, Forevermad, GMRevelation, Kojou, Shockz325, & Yodased for their help answering questions and their insight.

Thanks to the folks at for maintaining the information in the links.

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