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ESO Healing 101

PVE Healing Guidelines

Do you want to apply bandaid on scraps, get yelled at when folks stand in one shot AOEs, or spam shiny particles and kill your FPS? Then healing might be for you! You’ll need to watch your resources and sometimes it is thankless work, but you are an important role on keeping the group alive.


#1 Heal the group as health drops

Your number one job is healing groupmates as they take damage. Sometimes this might be with direct heals, heal over time heals, small heals, or big heals; you’ll need a variety of heals to apply the right bandaid to the right wound. Keep in mind you can’t heal the dead, so try to prevent their health from reaching 0. It is not your responsibility to heal through one shot mechanics or players way out of position, so don’t feel guilty if some die to their own stupidity.

#2 Survive and maintain yourself

You should try and make sure you stay alive and keep your magicka up. A dead or out of resources healer can’t heal anything. Managing your resource pools is important so big heals are ready during an emergency while small heals can sustain the group. More than any other role, your regenerations and resource return are important to the whole group’s survival.

#3 Remove debuffs

As a healer, you’re best equipped to remove debuffs from yourself and the group. Certain abilities like resource drains or health DOTs can kill groups through attrition if not removed quickly. Magicka Templars have one of the best abilities to do this, though others can use PVP abilities or certain armor sets to get similar capabilities.

#4 Preheal & shield the group

Before your group rushes into fights or take a big attack, cast heal over times & shields to keep them alive. Most of this relies on experience in a fight and watching for tells. It also will require a little foresight in how your group fights, whether they will rush in headlong or if they are more cautious.

Secondary Priorities

#5 Apply group buffs & debuff enemies

Healers buffing the group and debuffing s are useful methods to boost the group’s DPS. Coordinate with your tank to make sure you’re not overlapping effects. Remember any effect you apply will be multiplied by the number of group members.

#6 Restore Resources

Templars abilities certain armor sets have the ability to return resources to the group, restoring magicka or stamina. The more resources they get back, the longer dps can use abilities and the longer tanks can block. Typically party members won’t need this till a few minutes into a fight, but adjust for how your group acts.

#7 Off-tank Mobs

Healers are typically second best at tanking while blocking casting, depending on the build. The cases when you need an off tank are rare, but most require full dps be available to help burn down a boss. In an emergency, a healer normally draws enough threat to make boss chase after them, giving dps time to get the main tank up.

#8 DPS mobs

Since most healers stack spell power and magicka, most typically have a significant punch to enemies. An enemy killed quickly also has less chance to kill your group, so any added damage helps the group. Just remember this is one of your LOWEST priorities, once you’re sure the group is stable.

#9 Resurrect Group Members

I’m putting this last as most templar healers do have passives to resurrect group members fast, it’s better if you focus healing the group. If you need to, ensure your DPS and tank can handle the fight for a moment or that there is a significant pause in high damage attacks

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