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ESO Healer Meta Update 23

Here are several of the sets high level end game players use for Heal Builds. These are used in 12 man trials, 4 man dungeons, veteran Maelstrom Arena, and other PVE overworld fights. These are organized in ease to aquire.

Keep in mind everything here listed as guidelines, not rules. Best in Slot (BiS) changes depending on your class, Champion Points, group makeup, rotation, and the current patch. Check back here for changes.

Basic setup & stats

  • Health: 20k (new players) to 18k
  • Magicka recovery: 1k+, unless heavy attack rotation
  • Magicka regen: 1.5k – 2.3k
  • Weapons: Restoration Staff (main/off bar), dual wield swords (off bar), sword & board (off bar), or descturction staff (off bar)
  • Werewolf or Vampire: Vampire
  • Alchemical Poisons: back bar only if not running VMA or master weapons.
  • Fight location: several meters back to 10 meters

Special thanks to Flamage, Forevermad, GMRevelation,Icisia, Kojou, Shockz325, & Yodased for their help answering questions and their insight.

Thanks to the folks at for maintaining the information in the links.

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