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ESO: PVE DPS (Damage) Guidelines

ESO PVE DPS (Damage) Guidelines

So you want to kill the big baddie in the dungeon, bath in the blood of enemies that are beating up your tank, and impress your parents with your DPS numbers (cause seriously who cares about grades?). Welcome to the DPS role, or the “Damage Per Second” role. While you & Others will be obsessing one your DPS through out your career, you have several priorities you need to consider.


#1 High single target damage to bosses

Yes, this is why you probably picked the role and why others choose to invite you into the group, to kill stuff fast. This is important, becaus some boss ramp up difficulty the longer the fight goes on. Things like trigger events, enrage mechanics, and others will test you in dungeons.

#2 Survive and maintain

Keeping yourself alive with resources is your responsibility. Other roles will help you, but you may need to adjust, depending how your group mechanics work out. This includes, but is not limited to, things like keeping your health high enough not to be one or 2 shot, staying out of red damage indicators, keeping enough stamina to roll dodge or block, not engaging all enemies until a tank has gotten focus on the most dangerous mobs,  and watching for signs of incoming major attacks. In addition you should not rely on a someone else helping you return resources, having proper regens, timing heavy attacks, and using potions are also required. Remember that if you die for any reason your DPS goes to ZERO so drop some damage if it helps you survive.

#3 High AOE damage for groups of enemies.

In addition to being able to beat up tough bosses you’ll also need to mow down groups of trash mobs on the way to them. Typically follow your tanks lead and follow up once it seems like they have control of the situation. Each group is different, so adjust accordingly.

#4 Resurrect the dead

Except in a few cases, it is your duty to help bring back anyone that dies. The tanks need to focus on holding aggro, the healers need to keep heals up so your group can live. That leaves you and any other DPS in your group to bring up anyone that dies.

Secondary Priorities

#5 Buff the group, debuff the enemy

Sometimes DPS is also about improving the group DPS. Typically you’ll want to use sets and abilities that will improve everyone’s DPS while not hurting your own. Sets like night mothers gaze, morag tong, powerful assault, and more can buff multiple team members. Other abilities like elemental drain, Dragob Knight earthen heart abilities, and more can also boost up group DPS. Keep in mind Tanks and healers may already be doing some of these abilities to help the group, so ask to make sure things don’t overlap.

#6 Off tank mobs

In certain situations there may need to be a second tank. This can be to handle trash mobs, handle a boss’s add, or tank the boss while the main tank is dead (and hopefully getting a resurrection). Remember you need to focus on surviving; so block, dodge roll, and use abilities to get you out of a tight spot.

#7 Heal the group

Other times the group may need help healing if the healer dies or if there is a difficult heal check. This should be temporary though, remember you need to keep damage up on the boss or the fight may never end!

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